Tugi-Wugi English

The virtue card game!

Tugi-Wugi is a virtue card placement game for children and adults. Each card in the set shows 6 symbols. At least 1 symbol is the same as every other card. It is important to recognize the same symbol in each case and to name it.

The game was designed and implemented by Dagmar Schönfeldinger in Austria. It is particularly suitable for children to expand their active vocabulary of virtues. It is also a good opportunity to talk about different virtues (see also https://www.virtuesproject.com/ ).

Tugi-Wugi Boxset mit allen Teilen

What is in the box?:

  • The box – with magnetic closure (front)
  • Instructions with symbol names and game variants in German and English
  • 2 x 31 playing cards (only 31 playing cards are possible for the variant with 6 symbols. To allow more players, each card is present twice)
  • A bookmark

How can you buy the game?